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KS3, GCSE and A Level Computer Science Resources for teachers, home-study, guided private study, emergency work needed in the 
next five minutes, cover teachers, non-specialists, homework, holiday work, end of unit work and more!

  • Massive resources area for KS3, KS4 and KS5, available 24 / 7. 

  • Self-marking tests, quizzes, puzzles, notes, Q&A, exams, challenges, videos and much more. Loads of variety!

  • A gigantic area of Computational thinking worksheets.

  • Python 3 notes, practice programs and Q&A for instant use in the classroom.

  • A complete A level text book you can use as a class text.

  • Even more exam papers addedJust click here and look towards the bottom of the page!




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We know how busy teachers and students are and the pressures on budgets. We provide all the resources needed at a cost-effective price.

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All our resources are organised in exactly the same way as the exam boards' specifications. This makes using our website a breeze.

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Buy a subscription and all of your students and teachers can access our resources from anywhere with an Internet connection 24/7.

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We are constantly adding to our website, writing new notes, self-marking tests, question papers, mark schemes, videos and so much more.